Walther Items

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Art Print. Walther. PP, PPK, P-38. Beautiful Original Limited Edition 16x20 Color Print by Noted Artist Kenneth Francis Dewey done in 1983. The Original is in the N.R.A. Museum. Unframed. Perfect. $25.  Item: WA-1075.

Barrel. Model PP. 4mm. Early with Dual Pin Chamber Locking Lugs. Mint Bore. $95.  Item: WA-182.

Barrel. Model PP. 7,65. Pre-1945. Crown/N. Very Early with Dual Pin Chamber Locking Lugs. Mint Bore. $95.  Item: WA-183.

Barrel. Model PP. 7,65. Post-1945. 'Eagle/N' Proofed. Mint Bore. With Recoil Spring. $75.  Item: WA-1219.

Barrel. Model PPK. .380. Verchromt Finish. Unmarked. Frosted Bore. $95.  Item: WA-1098.

Barrel. Model PPK. .380. Unmarked. Pre-1945 Mint. Bore. $75.  Item: WA-106.

Barrel. Models PPK & PPK/S. .380. Post-1945 'Eagle/N'. Mint. Bore. $75.  Item: WA-1037.

Barrel. Models PPK & PPK/S. .380. Post-1945. Stainless Steel. Mint. Bore. $95.  Item: WA-1038.

Cleaning Rod. Model 4. Blue. Excellent++. $50.  Item: WA-1221.

Cleaning Rod. Model 9. Blue. Excellent++. $50.  Item: WA-1220.

Cleaning Rod. Olympia. .22. 8-3/4". Blue. Excellent++. $50.  Item: WA-1226.

Cleaning Rod. Olympia. .22. 7-1/2". Blue. Excellent++. $50.  Item: WA-1227.

Cleaning Rod. P.38. Pre-WWII. Swedish Contract. 8". Blue. Excellent++. $75.  Item: WA-1228.

Grip. Model PP. Very Early. Weight Insert. Checkered Black H/R. Left. Excellent. $40.  Item: WA-1215.

Grip. Model PP. Checkered Black H/R. Right. Excellent-. $20.  Item: WA-1217.

Grips. Model PP. Checkered Black H/R. Excellent++. $75.  Item: WA-1218.

Grip. Model PPK. Black. Late German WWII. No Cracks, Chips, Repairs. Checkered Black H/R. With Screw. Excellent++. $350.  Item: WA-1005.

Holster. Model PP. Commercial. Ex: Longhi collection. With inside note saying it was with gun #758699 (Lockhart) when obtained. Brown. Excellent. $50.  Item: WA-209.

Holster. Model PP. Post-WWII German Military. Dress. White Patent Leather. Excellent+. $25.  Item: WA-1203.

Holster. Model PP. East German Military. Type 1. Brown. Excellent++. $30.  Item: WA-23.

Holster. Model PPK. German Late WWII Army Issue. 'Eagle/WaA293' Marked. Brown. Excellent++. $325.  Item: WA-211.

Holster. P.38. Walther Commercial. Dropping. Type 2. Black. Excellent++. $95.  Item: WA-47.

Magazine. Model PP. 9mm (.380). Pre-1945. 'Banner/Cal.9m/m' Marked. The 'Cal.9m/m' Mark is Factory Overstamped '7.65m/m' Pushbutton Release. (7 Hole Pattern). Excellent++. $150.  Item: WA-1185.

Magazine. Model PP & PPK/S. 7,65 & .380. Black Finger Rest. With Rib. Excellent++. $50.  Item: WA-54.

Magazine. Model PP & PPK/S. 7,65 & .380. Flatbase. With Rib. Excellent++. $50.  Item: WA-1051.

Magazine. Model PPK. .22LR. Pre-1945. With Indicator Slot. Excellent+. $150.  Item: WA-126.

Magazine. Model PPK. 7,65 & .380. Black Finger Rest. Unmarked. With Rib.  Excellent++. $50.  Item: WA-233.

Magazine. Model PPK. 7,65. Stainless Steel. Black Finger Rest. No Rib. Excellent++. $50.  Item: WA-1102. 

Magazine. Model PPK. .380. Stainless Steel. Black Finger Rest. With Rib. Excellent++. $50.  Item: WA-117. 

Magazine. Model PPK-Manurhin. 7,65. Black Finger Rest. Excellent++. $50.  Item: WA-141.

Magazine. Model PPK-Manurhin. 7,65. Black Flatbase. sn:616. Excellent+. $50.  Item: WA-179.

Magazine. P.38. .45ACP (Martz). Base Marked 'JVM/2 .45 AUTO'. Blue. Excellent++. $225.  Item: WA-1124.

Magazine. Model P-88. 9mm. Blue. 15-Round. Excellent++. $75.  Item: WA-1082.

Magazine. Model P-99. 9mm. Blue. 10-Round. Excellent++. $20.  Item: WA-1200.

Magazine. Model TP. .22 Short. Excellent++. $75.  Item: WA-1071.

Manual. P.38. Interarms. For the French Contract 'Gray Ghost'. $10.  Item: WA-140.

Parts. Model PP, PPK, PPK/S, P.38. Limited parts available. Please e-mail a exploded view with parts needed for a quote.

Slide. Model PP. .380 (9mm Kurz). Pe-1945. Unmarked. No Internal Parts. 85%+. $75.  Item: WA-1059.