Militaria & Unique Items





Order of Leupold II (1865-1909). Knights Medal Cased. With Original Case. Excellent++. $75.  Item: ML-44.





German. WWII.  Iron Cross 2nd Class. With Ribbon. Marked '1939 / 1813', Ring is marked '65'.  $95.  Item: ML-005.

German. WWII. Deutschen Rotes Kreuzes Red Cross Medal WW2 era with Ribbon. Condition is worn. Marked Medaille fur deutfche Bolkspflege.  $75.  Item: ML-007.

German. WWII. 25 Year Faithful Service Cross Medal Awarded for 25 Years of Faithful Service.  Marked Fur treue Dienste ( For Loyal Service )  $75.  Item: ML-008


(Badges-Patches-Pins-Uniform Ribbon Bars-Collar Tabs)

German. WWII. Flat Wire NCO Breast Eagle Patch. Cut from Tunic. $50.  Item:  ML-011.

German. WWII. Army Officer Patch. M36 Flat Wire Breast Eagle.  $25.  Item: ML-012.

German. WWII. RLB Officers Patch. Silver Bullion Eagle.  $95.  Item: ML-017.

German. WWII. Armband. Patch. RLB.  $75.  Item: ML-16.

German. WWII. Wound Badge, Marked  107.  $75.  Item: ML-023.

German. WWII. Panzer Assault Badge, JFS Maker marked.  $225.  Item: ML-024.

German. WWII. NSDAP. Nazi Party Pin. Late War. Marked: RZM,  M1 / 105.  $75.  Item: ML-019.

German. WWII. NSDAP Political Cap Eagle Pin, Marked  M1 / 111  RZM.  $25.  Item: ML-022

German. WWII. Hat Eagle.  $25.  Item: ML-025.

German. WWII.  Uniform Ribbon Bar.  WWII Nazi.  Insignia from left to right; 1 Ribbon Iron Cross 2nd Class, 1939, 2 War Merit Iron Cross 2nd Class with Swords, 3 Ribbon Russian Front, 4 NSDAP Long Service Award, 5 1936 Olympic Games Medal for Organizational & Support Work, 6 Length of Service Medal, 7 Length of Service Medal, 8 West Wall.  $75.  Item:  ML-020.



German. WWII. Document Stamp. Marked: Reichsluftlchukbuna, Gemeindegruppe   (Community Group) &  Dedeieben hr. Ofchersleben   (Dedeleben  Mr. Oschersleben)  $95.  .  Item: ML-029.



U.S. Army. Infantry Battery. Pin.  Marked: U.S.  A 17  / 43.  $25.  Item: ML-32.

U.S. WWII. Airborne. Patch.  Parachute infantry. $60.  Item: ML-030.

U.S. Army. Services Forces. Patch. Patch X2.  $25.  Item: ML-33.