Smith & Wesson Items

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'GAS-GRENADE LAUNCHER FOR 12 GAUGE RIOT SHOTGUN' Cup Type. Clamp On. One clamp attachment arm is broken but all parts are there and is repairable. Very Rare as sales were Restricted to Military and Law Enforcement Only. $125.  Item: SW-1019.

Barrel. Model 1913. .35 Automatic. Complete top end. Unfinished in the 'white'. Factory New Replacement. Mint Bore. Perfect Markings. $95. Item: SW-97.

Barrel. N- Frame. 38/44. .38, 4". Blue. Mint Bore. $50.  Item: SW-124.

Barrel. .38. 4". Blue. Mint Bore. $50.  Item: SW-126.

Barrel. .38. 4". Magna Ported. Blue. Mint Bore. $60.  Item: SW-128.

Catalog. 1903. Full Line. 48 pages. Factory 1962 Jayco Reprint. $15.  Item: SW-17.

Catalog. 2005. Full Line. 44 pages. $10.  Item: SW-1050.

Cleaning Rod. Pre-WWII. Brass. 9-1/4". Excellent+. $35.  Item: SW-1010.

Cleaning Rod. Pre-WWII. Brass. 9-3/4". Excellent+. $35.  Item: SW-144.

Cleaning Rod. Pre-WWII. Brass. 10-1/2". Excellent+. $35.  Item: SW-145.

Dealer Counter Pad/Mat. 'SMITH & WESSON/LIFETIME SERVICE POLICY/(Logo)/OUR QUALITY COMMITMENT/TO YOU'.  Blue with White Letters. Excellent+. $25.  Item: SW-1036.

Grip. Model .38 D.A. 1st thru 4th Model. Right. Black H/R. Excellent. $25.  Item: SW-21.

Grips. Ladysmith. Square Butt. Excellent+. $125.  Item: SW-1014.

Grips. Very Early K-Frame. For: New Model, Russian, Etc. Checkered Black H/R. Left: Excellent++. Right: Chipped at Base. $95.  Item: SW-1066.

Grip. M&P. Victory. Left. Smooth Walnut. Excellent. $25.  Item: SW-1035.

Grip. M&P. Victory. Left. Smooth Walnut. Perfect. $50.  Item: SW-1064.

Grips. Model 41. Fitz 'ACCU-RISER'. With Palmrest. Checkered Brown H/R. Excellent+. $75.  Item: SW-114.

Handcuffs.  Model M-100. Stainless Steel. sn:5'B'7122. (Houlton ME). With Key. Excellent+. $75.  Item: SW-1061.

Magazine. Model 32 Semiautomatic Pistol. .32ACP. Blue. Excellent++. $195.  Item: SW-1043.

Magazine. Model 39. Aftermarket. Quality Mec-Gar. Blue. Excellent++. $15.  Item: SW-1056.

Magazine. Model 59. Blue. Excellent+. $30.  Item: SW-1012.

Magazine. Model 59. Blue. Excellent++. $30.  Item: SW-70.

Magazine. Model 59. Nickel. Excellent++. $40.  Item: SW-1000.

Magazine. Model 469. 9mm, 12-Round. Blue. Excellent++. $25.  Item: SW-39.

Magazine. Model 569. 9mm. 12-Round. Stainless. Excellent++. $25.  Item: SW-40.

Magazine. Model 5900 Series. 9mm, 10-Round. Stainless. Excellent++. $25.  Item: SW-1045.

Magazine. Model 5900 Series. 9mm, 14-Round. Stainless. Excellent++. $25.  Item: SW-42.

Magazine. Model 5900 Series. 9mm, 17-Round. Blue. Mec-Gar. Excellent++. $25.  Item: SW-1032.

Magazine. Model 5900 Series. .40 S&W. 11-Round. Stainless.  Excellent++. $30.  Item: SW-1034.

Magazine. 10mm Automatic. 10-Round. Blue. Excellent++. $30.  Item: SW-93.

Magazine. .40 S&W. SW40F Sigma. 10-Round. Blue. Excellent++. $25.  Item: SW-2.

Magazine. .40 S&W. SW40F Sigma. 15-Round. Excellent++. $25.  Item: SW-142.

Magazine. Model 1940 'Light Rifle'. 9mm. Excellent++. $195.  Item: SW-1044.

Manual. M&P. U.S. Navy Manual. 7/45 Dated. 6 Pages. Original. $125.  Item: MA-1099.

Manual. Automatic Pistols. Form#03652. Dated 7/1992. $15.  Item: SW-134.

Manual. Model 10. Form# S&W 3-67. $15.  Item: SW-118.

Manual. Model 36. (1978). Form No.05-01-0177 & S&W#5111A. $15.  Item: SW-46.

Manual. Model 36. (1978). Form No.05-01-0177 & S&W#5111A. Rev. 10/78. $15.  Item: SW-1016.

Manual. Model 39 ASP. Copy. $10.  Item: MA-1131.

Manual. Model 52. First Issue. $35.  Item: SW-117.

Manual/Data Sheet. Model 57. (1964). $20.  Item: SW-48.

Manual. Model 629. #05130. $20.  Item: SW-111.

Manual. Model 669.  #03276 1-85. $20. Item: SW-1026.

Manual. Model 681. $20.  Item: SW-49.

Parts. Model 36.  Chief's Special. Early Flatlatch. sn:86507. Cylinder, Yoke, Barrel (2" Barrel, Mint Bore), and Flatlatch Cylinder Release. Excellent. $95.  Item: SW-1059.

Plaque. Model 76 (Light Rifle). Warning Plaque put on the Model 76 when these were sold from the S&W Collection in the 1960's. Marked 'EXTREMELY/HAZARDOUS/DO NOT/LOAD OR FIRE'. Excellent+. $45.  Item: SW-1020.