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Binoculars. German. Goerz. 6x30. 'Armee Model'. WWI German Military. Crisp Optics. With Case and Strap. $95.  Item: OP-16.

Binoculars. German. Zeiss. 'Marineglas'. 6X. With Strap, Case, Case Strap. Optics a bit dirty. Excellent+. $95.  Item: OP-17.

Binoculars. U.S. M-3. 6x30. sn:A1629. Crisp Optics! Excellent++! With worn case and strap. $75.  Item: OP-29.

Binoculars. U.S. Navy. BU. SHIPS. 'MARK 33, MOD. O/N-1943. Universal Camera Corp. New York, U.S.A.' Marked. 6x30.  Crisp Optics. With Black Case and 2 Leather Straps. Excellent++. $225.  Item: OP-1051.

Binoculars. U.S. Army. M3. 6x30. Westinghouse/1943. Green. sn:303590. Crisp Optics. With Green Hardcase. Excellent++. $150.  Item: OP-30.

Compass. U.S. 'CORPS ON ENGINEERS/U.S. ARMY' & 'MANUFACTURED BY/SUPERIOR MAGNETO CORP./L.I. CITY N.Y./U.S.A.' Marked. Excellent+. $50.  Item: OP-1043.

Scope. German. 'Dr. Walter Gerard'. sn:39227. 3-Post Retical. 10-1/2". Crisp Optics. Excellent++. $125.  Item: OP-27.

Scope. German/Czech. 'OPTIKOTECHNA'. WWII Era. 4X. sn:08157. Perfect Optics! Excellent++. $325.  Item: OP-1002.

Scope Case. U.S. Military. Night Vision Sniper Scope Carrying Case. Vietnam Era. Excellent++. $125.  Item: OP-14.