Luger Items

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Art Print. Luger. Beautiful Original Limited Edition 16x20 Color Print by Noted Artist Kenneth Francis Dewey done in 1983. The Original is in the N.R.A. Museum. Unframed. Perfect. $25.  Item: LI-1085.

Art Print. Luger. Original 20" x 30" Poster Sized Full Color Proof Print by Paul Goodwin for the Cover of the Book, 'LUGER; THE MULTI-NATIONAL PISTOL'. Perfect. $25.  Item: LI-1086.

Cleaning-Tool Kit. Swiss. Model 1900. Brass. Complete. Excellent+. $225.  Item: LI-3.

Combination Tool. German Military, Police or Commercial. Unmarked. Excellent+. $75.  Item: LI-7.

Combination Tool. German WWII. Droop Wing Eagle/63. Excellent+. Out of Stock Item: LI-11.

Combination Tool. German WWII. Straight Wing Eagle/63. Excellent+. Out of Stock Item: LI-12.

Combination Tool. German WWII. Straight Wing Eagle/WaA63. Excellent+. Item: LI-1003.

Combination Tool. German WWII. 'Eagle/135' Proofed. Excellent+. Out of Stock. Item: LI-1016.

Combination Tool. German WWII. 'Eagle/655' Proofed. Excellent+. Out of Stock  Item: LI-1205.

Combination Tool. Swiss. '/38' Proofed. Excellent+. $75.  Item: LI-1006.

Combination Tool. East German. "D68" Marked. Excellent+. $75.  Item: LI-1001.

Grip. D.W.M./Mauser. Right. Unmarked. Excellent+. $125.  Item: LI-1287.

Grip. D.W.M./Mauser. Right. Unnumbered. Excellent++. $125  Item: LI-15.

Grip. D.W.M./Mauser. Right. '0' Marked. Excellent+. $125.  Item: LI-1118.

Grips. D.W.M./Mauser. 'Eagle/655' Proofed. Left has small safety chip. Otherwise Excellent++.   (Right Grip ONLY, Left is Sold). $75.  Item: LI-1017.

Grips. D.W.M./Mauser. Checkered Walnut Swiss Pattern with border. Not grip safety type. Excellent++. $195.  Item: LI-26.

Grips. D.W.M./Mauser. Aftermarket. Decent Quality. Unmarked. Excellent++. $75.  Item: LI-1074.

Grip. D.W.M./Mauser. Left. Quality Italian Reproduction. Checkered Walnut. Excellent++. $40.  Item: LI-22.

Grip. D.W.M./Mauser. Quality Italian Reproduction. Checkered Walnut. Left 'Safety Chip'. Otherwise Excellent++. $50.  Item: LI-1296.

Grips. Mauser. Black H/R. 'P.08' (Black Widow) Pattern. Best Quality Exact Reproductions. Excellent++. $125.  Item: LI-1070.

Grip. Erma. Left. Checkered Brown H/R. V.G. $25.  Item: LI-1288.

Holster. S.S./Police. Weimar Police Reissue. Black. Excellent. $125.  Item: LI-377.

Magazine. Woodbase. Nickel Tube. sn:3325 (on spine). Excellent++. $195.  Item: LI-1241.

Magazine. Nickel Tube. Alum. Base. sn: 4616 'k'. Straight Wing 'Eagle/63' Marked. Excellent++. $175.  Item: LI-1012.

Magazine. Blue Tube. Alum. Base. sn:357. (No suffix). Straight Wing 'Eagle/63' Marked. Excellent. $75.  Item: LI-1170.

Magazine. Danish. Blue Tube. Alum. Base. Marked 'MADE IN DENMARK'. Excellent++. $125.  Item: LI-358.

Magazine. Dutch. Blue Tube. Black Plastic Base. Marked 'MADE IN HOLLAND'. Excellent++. $125.  Item: LI-1136.

Magazine. Erma. German. Post-WWII. Blue Tube. Black Base. Excellent++. $75.  Item: LI-1137.

Magazine. Erma (Baby). 7,65 and .380. Blue Tube. Black Base. Excellent++. $50.  Item: LI-1172.

Magazine. Mauser 'Banner' Naval. Post-WWII. Black Base with Rings. Excellent++. $125.  Item: LI-1193.

Manual. Red Cover. English. 1964 Stoeger Reprint. 54 Pages with Foldout. $10.  Item: LI-150.

Manual. 1906. Green Cover. German. Reprint. 58 Pages. $10.  Item: LI-1272.

Manual. Mauser. 1936. Best Quality Reprint of Original Picture Manual by Glaser Waffen in Switzerland. 36 Pages. $40.  Item: LI-1010.

Muzzle Cap/Protector. Erma. 1930's Era Police Issue. Droop Wing 'Eagle/WaA107' Marked. Excellent++. $225.  Item: LI-1226.

Tool. Pin Punch. For Borchardt and Early P.08's. Excellent+. (one) $95.  Item: LI-1212.

Tool. 'Fine Tune' Sight Adjusting Tool for Artillery Model.  Excellent+. $125.  Item: LI-1213.

Tool. Caliper. Krieghoff. Early. 8" Closed. 'Mauser Banner' and 'HK 544' Marked. Excellent+. $225.  Item: LI-1081.


Luger Parts

Barrel. D.W.M. 7,65 Parabellum. 3-3/4". Without Front Sight. sn:7294 'L'. 'Crown/N' Proofed. Mint Bore. $95.  Item: LI-1168.

D.W.M. Model 1900-1902 Mainspring. Leaf Pattern. Excellent+. $150.  Item: LI-1236.