Ammunition & Related

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All Boxed Ammunition is in Proper Boxes, Correct and Full Unless Noted otherwise.

Loose Single Rounds; We do have some multiples available, please inquire.


Purchase Requirements:

1) Due to the numerous Federal, State, County and City Restrictions regarding ammunition purchases we require that all ammunition shipments be made to a Licensed FFL Holder.

2) Export Sales must go thru a Licensed Export Agent.



.69 Confederate(?) Bullets (Garibali/Carcano). 1-Round. $3.  Item: AM-2358.



.22 Extra Long Rimfire. Winchester. 'H' Headstamp. 1-Round. $1.  Item: AM-2360.

.25 Short Bacon Bliss. Rimfire. Remington. 'U' Headstamp. 1-Round. $5.  Item: AM-2361.

.25 Stevens Short Rimfire. Remington. 'U' Headstamp. 1-Round. $5.  Item: AM-2362.

7,62 Tokarev. Polish Military. 1952. '21/33/11/52' Headstamp. 1-Round. $1.  Item: AM-2482.

7,62 Tokarev. Russian Military. 1945. '38/5/*/45' Headstamp. 1-Round. $1.  Item: AM-2472.

7,62 Tokarev. Russian Military. 1945. '*/38/10/45' Headstamp. 1-Round. $1.  Item: AM-2473.

7,62 Tokarev. Russian Military. 1945. 'IV/710/*/45' Headstamp. 1-Round. $1.  Item: AM-2475.

.32 S&W Long.  Remington. Very Early Oval 2-Piece Box-50. $25.  Item: AM-1427.

.320.  'G. EGESTORFF' Headstamp. 1-Round. $2.  Item: AM-2239.

.357 Magnum. Winchester. Very Early Picture Box-50.  $30.  Item: AM-1195.

.38 Colt. U.S. Military. Frankford. Mix. Dated 1-1894, 1-1896, 2-1912. 4-Rounds. $5.  Item: AM-2227.

.38 Colt. Remington. Very Early Oval 2 -Piece Box. 'Police Positive' Marked. Box-50. $35.  Item: AM-1402.

.38 Colt. Long. (Outside Lubricated). Unmarked. 1-Round. $1.  Item: AM-2353.

.38 Colt. Long. Remington. Very Early Oval 2-Piece Box. Box-50. $35.  Item: AM-1406.

.38 Colt. Long. Remington-U.M.C. Very Early Oval 2-Piece Box. Box-50. $35.  Item: AM-1410.

.38 Colt. Short. Winchester. Very Early Red 2-Piece Box. Partial Box-30. $35.  Item: AM-1401.

.38 S&W Special. Peters. Very Early Picture Box. 'OFFICIAL POLICE' Marked. Box-50. $35.  Item: AM-1362.

9mm Kurtz (.380). DWA (Deutsche-Werke). Made by the Manufacturer of the Ortgies Pistol. 1-Round. $2.  Item: AM-1811.

9mm Ultra. Experimental Cartridge. '04/59' Headstamp. 1-Round. $15.  Item: AM-1038.

.44 Colt. Remington. 'Old Model' (Blackpowder). Very Early Red Box. Partial Box-38. $40.  Item: AM-1415.

.44 S&W American. 'W.R.A.Co./S&W AM' Headstamp. Early Pre-Smokeless. 1-Round. $5.  Item: AM-2230.

.44 S&W Russian. 'ELEY/LONDON/44R' Headstamp. Very Nice Early Box with 'S&W No. 3 Russian' Mark. Lid is missing 1 end flap. Only 1-Round remains. Rare. $75.  Item: AM-2240.

.45 ACP. U.S. Military. Blank Cartridge. 1944. 'RA/4' Headstamp. 1-Round. $1.  Item: AM-1924.

.45 ACP. U.S. Military. Shot Cartridge. 'WCC/68' Headstamp. 1-Round. $1.  Item: AM-1923.

.450 Long. Revolver. Unmarked. 1-Round. $15.  Item: AM-2357.

.500 Webley. Revolver. 'ELEY/500' Headstamp. 1-Round. Rare. $60  Item: AM-2177.



.22 Hornet. U.S. Military. Air Force Issue for the M6 Aircrew Survival Rifle. 1960. WCC. 1-Round. $2.  Item: AM-2016.

.223. (5,56) U.S. Military. Dummy Round. 'LC/73'. $1.  Item: AM-1949.

.223. (5,56) U.S. Military. Red Tip. Tracer. 7-'TW/68', 1-'LC/70'. 7-Rounds. $3.  Item: AM-1948.

.280/30 British Military. Experimental. 'RG-50-280/30'. 1-Round. $15.  Item: AM-2014.

.297-.230 Morris. (Short). Unmarked. 1-Round. $5.  Item: AM-2350.

.300 Savage. Group Lot. 130-Rounds. Vintage Mixed Commercial. $75.  Item: AM-1697.

.30 Carbine. U.S. Military.  'Grenade Launching'. 'LC 43' (1943). 1-Round. $1.  Item: AM-1777.

30.06. U.S Military Dummy Practice. Fluted. Frankford. 1931. Each: $2.  Item: AM-1372.

30.06. U.S Military Dummy Practice. Fluted. Frankford. 1944. 'FA/4' Marked. Each: $2.  Item: AM-1375.

30-30. Winchester. Pointed Bullet. 'W.R.A.Co./30WCF' Headstamp. 1-Round. $1.  Item: AM-2356.

.308 (7x62x51). U.S. Military. Dummy. 'LC/76'. 1-Round. $1.  Item: AM-2007.

.40-45. 'RCBS-45 BASIC'2-5/8" Case. 1-Round. $1.  Item: AM-1849.

.450 No.2 (Express). Westley Richards. 'W.R & Co Expess No 2'. Very Early. 1-Round. $5.  Item: AM-1834.

.45-75. 'W.R.A. Co/.45-75 W.C.F.' Headstamp. 1-Round. $5.  Item: AM-1913.

.50-110-300 WCF. Winchester. Early Orange. 2-Piece Picture Box. Partial Box 1-UMC Round and 6-'WRA Co 50-110 EX' Rounds Re-Loaded for Blank. $60.  Item: AM-1737.

5x45x39. Russian. 1-Tracer, 1-Sniper. 2-Rounds. $2.  AM-2002.

6,5 Italian. Mixed Group of Military. 1-1916, 6-1924, 1-1932 (Wood Bullet), 1-1933 (Wood Bullet), 8-1935, 19-1936, 3-1939, 1-1940, 5-Norma March, 5-nny, 1-Western. 51-Total. Nice Collectors Group. $15.  Item: AM-1577.

7mm x 59 British Experimental. 'R (Broad Arrow) L' Headstamp. (Royal Laboratory). 1-Round. $25. Item: AM-2073.

7,5 French Military. 1940. 1-Round. $1.  Item: AM-2070.

7,5 French Military. 1946. 1-Round. $1.  Item: AM-2071.

7,5 Swiss Military. Solid Brass Dummy Practice Round. Each-$2.  Item: AM-1541.

7x53 Mauser. Mixed Group of Military. 61-Rounds. $15.  Item: AM-1562.

7,62x39 East German. Dummy Training Round. Fluted. '05 68' Marked. 1-Round. $2.  Item: AM-2029.

7,62x39 East German . 10-Rounds Black Tip. 10-Rounds Ball. 04' & '05' Marked. 20-Rounds. $15.  Item: AM-2000.

7,62x54R. Russian Military. Sniper. Silver Tip. 1-Round. '188'. $3.  Item: AM-1756.

7,62x54R. Olympic Match. 'OO/59' Headstamp. 6-Rounds. $5.  Item: AM-1947.

7,92 German Pre-WWI Military. 1911. 1-Round. $2.  Item: AM-1933.

7,92 German WWII Military. Blue Primer. (Heavy Ball). 1945. 'eba-St*-1-45'. 1-Round. $1.  Item: AM-2009.

7,92 German WWII Military. Red Primer. (AP). 1942.  'hlc-St-12-42'. 1-Round. $2.  Item: AM-2011.

7,92 German WWII Military. Very Late WWII. No Headstamp. 1-Round. $1.  Item: AM-2010.2072

7,92 Spanish Military. Dated 1944. 'MM-44-7,92'. 5-Rounds. $2.  Item: AM-2015.

7,92 Kurtz. German WWII Military. 1944-1945.  5-Rounds. 'aux-17-44-St', 'aux-18-44-St', 'aux-St-53-44', 'fva-2-45-St'. Plus 1 . East German Round '71-86'.  $20.  Item: AM-1604.

8x56R Austrian Military.  1915. 2-Rounds. $2.   Item: AM-1944.

8x56R Hungarian Military. 1936. 5-Rounds. $5.  Item: AM-1945.

8x56R Hungarian Military. 1939. 6-Rounds. $5.  Item: AM-1943.

8x56R Hungarian Military. 1940. 10-Rounds. $5.  Item: AM-1793.

8x57J German Military. DWM. 1902. 5-Rounds on Stripper Clip.  $20.  Item: AM-1797.

11.15x57R. Spanish Military. Pointed Bullet. 1-Round. $5.  Item: AM-2260.

11.15x57R. Spanish Military. Round Nose Bullet. 1-Round. $5.  Item: AM-2261.

.577 Nitro Express. 3" Case. 'Eley London'. Very Early. 1-Round. $35.  Item: AM-1839.